Sticks Up Today!

Takamatsu sensei

In a few minutes we will begin our seminar in Bangalore on kukishinden ryû bô jutsu.

The kukishin bô is amazing and always a pleasure to rediscover: the kotsu, the kamae, the bô no uchi, the gogyô no bô, the three levels of shoden, chûden, okuden and the devastating keiko sabaki gata.

Bô jutsu is the essence of the long weapons in the bujinkan system. This is the entry gate of the sanshin of bô, yari and naginata. Rokushaku bô can be seen as reaching consciousness (roku = 6th = consciousness) through the linking heaven and earth. Maybe that is why we began weapon training in 1993 with the

The weather is nice even though humid, the camera crew ready, the sticks polished, the 9 demons can enter now into the arena.

A good time is beginning!


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