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YSTT Update 2:

Another 12 persons registered this week-end.

So please if you wish to attend the YSTT 2010 and train with Pedro, Sven, Arnaud, and Peter do not wait too long as places are limited.

At this rate (3.4 persons per day) the prebooking for the YSTT 2010 (limited to 120 participants) will be closed by June 9th…

… too bad 😦

YSTT Team 2010

I need your help

new logo?

Dear buyu,

Solkan Europe, the company offering http://www.budomart.com, has been using the same logo since the last Paris Taikai I organized for sensei in France in May 1997.

After 13 years it  is about time to renew the look of my company so I am redesigning the  www.budomart.com website.

I am looking for a new logo for Solkan Europe and I would like to ask for your feedback on this.

On the left is one logo that I was given today, please help me so that I can make up my mind.

Do you like it or not?

Thank you,

Arnaud Cousergue

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