SEMINARS Dear friends, I just created a new website where to find my next seminars for 2016 and 2017. This year again, I will be travelling a lot. Tokyo (3 times), Dubai (2 times – UAE), Paris (5 times), Annecy (FR), Bangalore (3 times-  IN), Berlin (GER), Gottingen (GER), Budapest (HON), Buenos Aires (ARG), Fortaleza (BR),…


PARIS TAIKAI WEBSITE PARIS JULY 11, 12, & 13, 2014 The Yûro Shi Tennô Taikai of Paris is beginning in a few weeks. As for the last 10 years, Pedro, Peter, Sven, and Arnaud will share their understanding of the theme of the year decided by our Sôke in Japan: “Shingin Budô”. This year we…

Shingin Budô? No! Shining Budô!

We had a 1-day seminar in Bonn last Saturday and we studied the “nagare” or how to put flow into the 1, 2, 3 techniques. It was fun and demanding but I really appreciated this day of training. Firstly because students came not only from Germany, but also from Belgium, Spain*, and India**. So even…

Sven & Arnaud 2014 Seminar Feb 1st & 2nd

For the last 10 or more years (I don’t remember exactly) the Bujinkan France is inviting Sveneric Bogsater to the first seminar of the year. PREBOOKING HERE I hope that you will join us this year! AJC

New website for my 2014 Seminars

I teach all over the world so I finally decided to regroup all the information you need if you want to join me for a seminar and fantastic Budô moments. Click on the picture and you will go straight to the website. I hope to see you soon in 2014 Click here

Paris Taikai 2013

Watching the nice blue sky through the window, I began to think about the next Yûro Shitennô Paris Taikai next July in Paris. This seminar have been going on for more than ten years and it has always been a pleasure to welcome you all in our dôjô. Many of you are already familiar with…

Birthday Cake in Budapest: The Bujinkan Legacy

When Balázs and Laszlo asked me to give a seminar covering the Bujinkan themes of the last twenty years (1993-2012) I accepted but I didn’t immediately understand the “why?”, and I must admit that I didn’t see who would be interested. . The day before traveling to Budapest I began to be concerned about the…

YSTT Update Jun 2011

In exactly 30 days the Yûro Shi Tenno Taikai of Paris begins! This year has passed so fast that I am amazed that this is already the time for this major seminar. The Paris Taikai has evolved a lot since its creation back in 2007. This is a very special seminar that was designed to…

YSTT 2011

Please check the new page on the Paris Taikai on this site HERE

Tenchijin University Pdfs

Poster TCJ FR_UK TCJ University posters: PDF in French and PDF in English Please put them on your websites. Deadline to register in only 16 days! Thank you for your help. AJC