Koi Martial Art New Look

Dear friends,

Koimartialart has been evolving and offers now a totally new interface with a few trailers introducing buki waza, ten ryaku no maki and chi ryaku no maki. Also the search module has been fully redeveloped and the various sections are more complete.

Koimartialart is dedicated to every bujinkan pratitioner and is intended to help the young student or the advanced one to review one expression of the techniques of the bujinkan. These videos can be streamed online on your pc, your mac, your iTouch, your iPhone or your iPad. We are currently developing other interfaces for other phones: android, blackberry, nokia…

These videos DO NOT replace a qualified instructor and training should be done in a real dôjô but the techniques can help you understand better what the bujinkan really is. The bujinkan is the most complete system of fighting and it is based on the understanding of a limited set of fundamental techniques known as the ten chi jin ryaku no maki. The ten chi jin ryaku no maki mixing the 9 schools of the bujinkan together with the buki waza basics are the prerequisite to become a black belt.

Please check these trailers if you are not a member yet or check the new titles if you are and tell us what you think.

Many new movies are being uploaded regularly.

Budomart update

Dear friends,

I want to inform you that we have just released the new sets of dvds from 5th kyû to 1st kyû. Each set covers all the techniques (taijutsu and weapons required for the BKP.

The weapon techniques are also available in separate sets that include the counter techniques for the techniques of : jo, biken, bô, yari, and naginata.

They are regrouped in 3 sets: short weapons, medium size weapons and long weapons.

Please visit the www.budomart.com for more details.

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