One thought on “Taikai Paris July 2010”

  1. Hi Arnaud, I have taken your words to heart, from your seminar last year in Montreal. I have started training in yoga seriously. I also do dance plus my training in the Bujinkan. I felt I needed to increase my flexibility and my strength. I appreciate last year’s seminar when we did the yoga in your class to warm up. I took to heart what you said about staying in shape. Yes, I smoke, but I don’t drink. I try to eat a low GI diet, more fruits and veggies and less white food like processed bread, salt, and sugar. I am trying to quit smoking. I am also overweight but at least my flab is flexible and i feel alot stronger from yoga and my training has improved. Young people have no excuse not to stay in shape. Granted when I was 25, i didn’t have to work hard to stay in shape but now it is much more difficult. but I keep going.


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