Too Bad For You! Or Not.


As my friend Eric Jones would put it: “Too bad for you! Or Not”

Only 100 out of the half million Bujinkan members will have the privilege to attend the 15th edition of the Paris Taikai that will open its door on July 13th at the Bujinkan France Headquarters, in Vincennes (Paris).

Too bad for you! Or Not.


Sveneric, Peter, and Arnaud are real “Jurassic Bujinkan Ninja”.

Totalling some 112 years of training altogether, more than 120 trips to Japan, around 200 Taikai participations, and 12 Taikai Organization for Hatsumi Sensei, their knowledge go back to the beginning of Bujinkan times.


Too bad for you! Or Not.


You will not be able to share with the participants coming from 17 different countries, the latest insights we got this year from Sensei while in Japan. It will be fun as always!



Too bad for you! Or Not.

garden party

If you want to improve your knowledge.
If you want to live the “family” Taikai spirit as we had in the past.

Then CLICK HERE and join us!




The 3 days of training include:

  • free Taikai t-shirt
  • free hot lunches
  • free farewell party
  • free sleeping at the dojo
  • free certificate
  • free bruises
  • free night cruise on the Seine river

seine river

And also, for the World cup fans, schedules that will allow you to watch the Sunday’s final in the many bars around the venue.




CLICK HERE to join the PARIS TAIKAI 15th edition, now!


Get the official Taikai t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie


Screenshot 2018-07-03 at 15.37.41 - Display 1



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