Kehai wo yomenai



As an add-on to this year’s theme,  Sensei show recently about acting in such a way that the opponent is not able to perceive you,  or 気配を読めない, “kehai wo yomenai”.
When you look at the kanji you get:
Kehai けはい indication, sign, hint, presence,
Yomenai 読め ない to read.

Don’t let yourself be felt

Budō Taijutsu is not sport and even if facing a fighting situation, it is important that Uke dismay feel your intentions. This is why or reactions are created as a reaction to Uke’s moves. There should be no preconceived movement. Only a natural adaptation to a given situation.

Be zero

For thirty years I’ve head sensei say that we have “to be zero”.  This “zero state” can be achieved only if you do not plan your movements. If you don’t know what you are going to do next, how do you want Uke to read it? To be zero is the most difficult thing to do and comes naturally after many years of training. Being zero can only come from mastering your basics as they get ingrained in your movements to become natural. Don’t think, train your basics deeply, and maybe one day you will be zero.

Art of killing without uke feeling your presence

Kehai wo yomenai is the extension of Shingin Budō where our moves are guided by the divine. We can get rid of the threats by letting or actions be guided by something (someone?) way above our limited perception of reality. Becoming only a tool we have their no presence and Uke is controlled by kûkan.

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