The Shi Tenn么 long long time ago 馃槈

PARIS JULY 11, 12, & 13, 2014

The Y没ro Shi Tenn么 Taikai of Paris is beginning in a few weeks. As for the last 10 years, Pedro, Peter, Sven, and Arnaud will share their understanding of the theme of the year decided by our S么ke in Japan: “Shingin Bud么”.

This year we will have 4 training halls instead of 3 as our d么j么 has been totally renewed. The system is the same with 4 groups of practitioners divided by ranks in order to meet each level of understanding.

As always, lunches (regular or veggie), t-shirts, and certificates are included in the price.聽You can sleep for FREE at the d么j么 (precise it in the FORM) and do not forget your sleeping bag.

If you register before June 10th you get an immediate discount of 20%. It will then go down to 10%. So if you are planning to join us please don’t wait to register. The prebooking is 68鈧, the remaining is to be paid on arrival.

Once registered please fill in the FORM in order to help us make a beautiful event for all of you.

We are expecting around 120 practitioners from all over Europe, we are happy to welcome you in Paris for our National Day of July 14th!

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