Esprit du Geste

Transboréal, mon éditeur, vient de republier mon livre sur les arts martiaux et sur mes rencontres avec Hatsumi Sensei depuis plus de 20 ans. Ce petit livre qui s’est dejà écoulé à 3500 exemplaires revient avec 2000 copies de plus. Il est en vente à la FNAC, Nature et découvertes ou directement sur

Shingin Budô? No! Shining Budô!

We had a 1-day seminar in Bonn last Saturday and we studied the “nagare” or how to put flow into the 1, 2, 3 techniques. It was fun and demanding but I really appreciated this day of training. Firstly because students came not only from Germany, but also from Belgium, Spain*, and India**. So even…

koi members: New upload We have uploaded two dvds on biken jutsu for our Gold members on our sister website koimartialart dedicated to online streaming. Enjoy! You prefer to get the real DVDs? here     Budomart new URL

Not Wanting, In Order To Get It!

Being a student of the Bujinkan Martial Arts system is not easy and requires a lot of commitment. You have to keep the connection with everything, learn, memorize, and always be eager to improve your skills. This is a long path but it is worth it. The life of a Bujinkan practitioner can be seen…

Sven & Arnaud 2014 Seminar Feb 1st & 2nd

For the last 10 or more years (I don’t remember exactly) the Bujinkan France is inviting Sveneric Bogsater to the first seminar of the year. PREBOOKING HERE I hope that you will join us this year! AJC

馬 uma

Be ready for a galloping year of the horse where things might not be as they look like in this Japanese proverb: “Ningen banji saiou ga uma” is one of the Japanese proverbs. The literal translation is “All human affairs are like Saiou’s horse”. It means, “One can never know what will prove to be…

Year of the horse

This is the year of the horse of wood but hopefully not the “wooden horse”. The horse toy goes nowhere; and the Trojan one is a trap! Let’s hope that this year will help us understand “Kachimushi”

Hatsumi sensei in his office

As the Bujinkan is getting bigger, I understood that there might be a Bujinkan Office working full time in 2014. Maybe is it related with the opening of the new Honbu dôjô in April. We have to be patient a little longer, sensei begins to teach mid January.

Genkaku no Sekai

In Japanese 幻覚 genkaku is illusion or hallucination. This is the “gen” from genjutsu. But when you try to understand what illusion really is, or why reality is considered an illusion, you need to get some advice from our elders. Plato has always been one of my favorite philosopher and today I stumbled upon this sentence that made me think…

New website for my 2014 Seminars

I teach all over the world so I finally decided to regroup all the information you need if you want to join me for a seminar and fantastic Budô moments. Click on the picture and you will go straight to the website. I hope to see you soon in 2014 Click here