Eyes no Eyes

Eye or no eye?

Some people say: “don’t lose eye contact”, “don’t look at the opponent”, “watch him carefully”, “ignore him”. All is true and all is wrong.

My feeling is that within the yoroi kumiuchi sphere the only “living thing” is the eyes of the opponent. If you want to receive the flow of his intentions you have to connect to him through the eyes.

This is another way of understanding “kanjin kaname” which then could translate as: “through the eye I can  see through his spirit”.


Author: kumablog

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One thought on “Eyes no Eyes”

  1. The eyes are the window to intent , as in the ocular cues of recalled or constructed movement , imagination and emotional content , the movement of humans is neuro/ spinal,ocular, head on neck reflexes and extremitie engagement feeding back via pitch roll yaw , weight bearing and proprioception.The cranial bones especially the sphenoid yawing is also directly influenced by memory or intent via the ocular muscles and the predictive focus programmes of the brain to judge the extent and speed of the considered move. The excitory and inhibitory processes which are the precursors to movement and the very essence of intent are neural and enabled by the neuroligic righting reflexes being engaged prior to consideration. In all this balances intent and action via thorough stretching and engaging the potential of the conscious and unconscious via good body conditioning and warming up , this leads to good tai jutsu…

    Best wishes ,

    Yours in budo ,
    The absent for now ,

    Shane Murnaghan


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