Class with Senô sensei

Japan trip 41 update:

I am just coming back from a class with Senô sensei, it is always a fantastic moment of taijutsu. We did a lot of hanbô techniques as the hanbô is very similar in its use as the tachi. We finished with tachi techniques, mainly  mutô dori against tsuki.
A very rich class indeed, I wish we could have more classes with him.

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2 thoughts on “Class with Senô sensei”

  1. Fantastic training I believe Arnaud-san, Senô sensei is so humble and great to train with…. I feel fortunate to have met and trained with Senô and since he did the Sakki test for my godan he feels special, thanx for greeting my 40th day too Arnaud, hope to see you later this year 🙂


  2. Yes, I can just agree Arnaud. I had the same experience last trip. For me the classes with Senô sensei on that trip were a kind of hell, because his movements in mutô dori were simple sabaki gata movements, but I was not able to find them for my self. It was frustrating a lot. You remember my call from japan… But i’m grateful for that experience.


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