Since Solkan Europe has released  many new products in the last six months I feel that I should elaborate on our products and answer the many queries that I have received  at

Our partner has edited and released all our new DVD products.

Solkan Europe released the DVD “jin ryaku no maki volume 1″ long time ago and many wanted to know when part 2 would be available. Last July with our partner we did it. This is a DVD dedicated to the intermediate and advanced student.

Then in October 2010  we had a 5 days seminar covering all the Ten Chi Jin ryaku no maki. As you know the ten chi jin is the basic program of the bujinkan that each student must know in order to get to the black belt. From this we did for christmas a set of 3 DVDs entitled: Ten ryaku no maki 2010, Chi ryaku no maki 2010, and Jin ryaku no maki 2010. These DVDs are intented to the young black belt (or soon to be) as a means to review the basics and fundamentals of the Bujinkan. They show all the techniques of the three levels but do not dwell too much into the explanations. The jin part of the ten chi jin set  is a totally new version (more basic) different from the other 2 DVDs jin ryaku volume 1 & 2.

In March we released, from the same footage, the Ten ryaku Extended version (4 DVDs) and the Chi ryaku  Extended version (3 DVDs) as we figured out that we had more than 30 hours of explanations! These two sets are intented to the non black belt and complete the teachings received in the dôjô.

A few weeks later, we released the Bujinkan Kyû Program (BKP) which is using still the same footage. Each DVD box contains a mix of the ten chi jin techniques required for each kyû and presented each in a 2 DVD box. So far, the 9th kyû, 8th kyû, 7th kyû, and the 6th kyû are available on

 Next month we will release the remaining kyû grades (5th kyû to 1st kyû) that will complete the whole series with the rest of the taijutsu techniques and the weapon basics. Last February we recorded a 4 day seminar covering the basics of all the major weapons: tantô, kunai, shotô, hanbô, jo, biken, bô, yari, and naginata.

The complete syllabus detailed in the three books of the memento (beginner – vol. 1, intermediate – vol. 2, advanced – vol. 3) includes all the taijutsu techniques from the ten chi jin plus the basics of the small, medium size ang long weapons.

The buki waza sets (small, medium and long) will also be available  soon (May or June) and sold separately for the teachers. Unlike the techniques demonstrated in the BKP (5th kyû to 1st kyû) many weapons include also the kaeshi waza (counter techniques) that give a deeper understanding to the study of weapons. This is the first time these techniques are demonstrated on a DVD! The buki waza sets are dedicated to the confirmed black belts (to this date, the editing being in process we do not know yet if each set will include 2, 3 or 4 DVDs).

In order to make this whole explanation easy to understand:

Kyû: BKP from 9th kyû to 1st kyû in 2 DVDs, covering the whole ten chi jin and the buki waza.

Young black belt and shidôshi: the Ten Ryaku no Maki  Extended (4 DVDs), the Chi Ryaku no Maki Extended (3 DVDs), the Jin Ryaku no Maki (vol. 1 & 2 – 2 dvds).

Confirmed shidôshi: the ten chi jin 2010 set (3 DVDs), and the 3 buki waza sets (small, medium, long).

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