Inyo kyojitsu

These days sensei speaks a lot about inyo kyojitsu. “inyo” is the Japanese name for yinyang and “kyojitsu” refers to falsehood/truth, similar to when we played with “menkyo kaiden” a few years ago. Beyond these terms there is another reality that I would like to explore further. “inyo”: Many things have been said about this…

Tachi or tachi?

 Tachi has various meanings depending on the writing: 太刀 たちtachi (n) – long sword 立ち たちtachi (n) – stand 舘 たちtachi (loc) – Tachi 裁ち たちtachi (n) – cut – cutting 質 たちtachi (n) – nature (of person) – quality 達 たちtachi (n-suf) – plural suffix 館 たちtachi (loc) – Tachi 館 たちtachi (1) (n) – mansion – small castle Think about it when listening to sensei… (