Buyūkai 2: More Details By Phil

IMG_20180309_213249Some changes are happening these days in the Bujinkan. Here is some more useful information by Phil Legare from Japan.

It takes some time to change to take place. The following text explains a few points I didn’t cover in my last post.

My friend Phil published that today on Facebook. But the “life-span” of news on Facebook being very short, I decided to share it on the blog. This text completes my last entry and interests the whole Bujinkan community,

A few things that Phil writes:

  1. It’s not mandatory for all or any of the Dai-Shihan to collect a membership fee.
  2. It’s up to the individual Dai-Shihan if they choose to or not.
  3. It’s also not mandatory to send promotions through a Dai-Shihan. But it helps the Admin to handle the orders if the Dai-Shihan are compiling many requests for others.
  4. Sōke is not taking recommendations anymore for Dai-Shihan for people who are not here.
  5. You should visit Honbu if you wish to receive Dai-Shihan.
  6. If you cannot visit Japan in the next few years, and you feel you must have this, then write Sōke a letter in Japanese.
  7. Add in a Dai-Shihan’s name who is willing to endorse you. Sōke may agree to give you a Dai-Shihan.
  8. Someday all orders may have to go through the Dai-Shihan. Since we have a Shidōshi title and Menkyo (Y20,000) that comes with Godan, Shidōshi can still process the orders and promotions from Sōke.
  9. As I said, if the Dai-Shihan regroup the orders, it helps the Admin.

On my side I would remind you that:

  • There is no obligation to get a Dai Shihan diploma. It is not a rank, only a distinction.
  • In case you desire to get one, you are expected to donate (no amount is given) to the Honbu Dōjō.


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