Don’t Be A Selfish Ninja!

shareDon’t be selfish!
If you have the chance to train in Japan, let the Bujinkan community know about what you learned.

Every year, about 5000 Bujinkan members come to Japan to study the Bujinkan techniques under Hatsumi sensei and his best students. The majority of these Bujinkan members are Shidōshi.

So why don’t we have more information on what is going on in Japan? When you train in Japan, it is our responsibility to share what we live not only with our students but with the whole Bujinkan community.

When you take out from the 5000 visitors, the non-Shidōshi, those who don’t write in English, those coming only for a new promotion, and those coming only for tourism; there is still a significant number of people that could write and share their feelings and discoveries with the Bujinkan community. Don’t you think?

The Bujinkan is about 500 000 students in total, so the 5000 lucky travellers represent only 1% of the community. It’s time to help the other 99%.

The Bujinkan is like a “family”, but no one communicates. I invite you all, travellers to the Honbu, to write about your experience in Japan. Share with the rest of us, and help more Bujinkan practitioners who don’t have the chance to travel to learn.

Today I just created a new Facebook page called “Bujinkan Trips” where you can now share your training experience from Japan. The address:
Would you be willing to put your Japan trips notes and insights on it? Your contribution can be recent or not, and will serve the community. Thank you

Written on the train to Honbu, before class with Sōke, on a beautiful and sunny spring day.

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I share here on a regular basis my thoughts about the Bujinkan martial arts, training in Japan and all over the world, and

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