Can You Spend 22 Cts/day For Your Art?


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Since I was a kid, I always loved libraries. At home, I have more than 2600 books (I read them all). I love books.

But this is the 21st century and new tools are now available for those who want to develop their knowledge. This is why I’m writing e-books and streaming videos.

Our streaming unit was created in India in 2010 but the UI was not very good. So after many months of hard work, we have finally launched the new Koi Martial Art streaming platform.

Koi Martial Art gives you access to nearly 2000 techniques of the Bujinkan.

Our Online Bujinkan Library as I like to call it, regroups:

  • ALL unarmed combat techniques from the Bujinkan Ryūha: Koto, Gyokko, Shinden Fudō, Takagi Yōshin, Kukishin, Togakure.
  • ALL weapons: kunai, shotō, katana, tachi, tsurugi, hanbō, jō, bō, yari, naginata, manriki gusari, nawa.
  • ALL basics and fundamentals of the Tenchijin Ryaku no Maki.
  • All Buki Waza basics of the major weapons.

For less than 22 cents per day (i.e. 80 euros/year), you can review and remember any technique of the Bujinkan.

Videos are better than texts because they show you more than a description.
Our 80 Go of videos will help your training better than any book.

But Koimartialart doesn’t replace the regular training in your dōjō, with your qualified instructor. Koimartialart is not an online course; it is just a new tool fitting the way we live today.

Our new platform plays equally on any computer (PC, Apple, Chromebook), tablet, or smartphone.

Join today!

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