Wrong Always


For my 55th trip to Japan, I hoped that everything would go fine without any problem. Wrong again!
I booked my hotel online. Nothing new. And the hotel I wanted to go was the Mitsui garden, but last July they were doing some heavy refurbishing. So when I checked online I was happy to see that they opened in July, so I booked my stay. Wrong again!
Yesterday night after traveling from India through Dubai for many hours I ended up facing the hotel but it was still in works. Wrong again!
After a call I found out that my hotel was in fact 5km away! Wrong again!

The beauty of traveling to Japan is that whatever you do you will be facing your limits. Now being wrong can prove to be a good thing. In fact my new location is the best I ever had. It’s new and modern, and the prices are not that bad. Also I now need 2 trains to reach the honbu or the Budôkan. But I can live with it.

But being wrong is an unbending path. On the way back from the honbu, after two classes with Nagato and Noguchi Dai Shihan, I took the wrong connecting train and ended up in Moriya. Nice city but wrong again! I arrived back at the hotel half hour later.

The lesson of the day: in Japan don’t take anything for granted and keep your options open. Being in Japan to train is not limited to the dôjô, training is 24/7. And if you lower your level of awareness you are wrong.

Many friends are here for sensei’s birthday and is always nice to meet them at the other end of the planet whether they are coming from Spain, the USA, South America, the UAE, or the rest of Europe. We have been meeting here for over twenty years and this gives a social feeling during the classes.


Nagato Dai Shihan, covered many waza from the shinden Fudô ryû, mainly based on the Nage Kaeshi. With my Spanish brother Juanma we were training with the Greek twins Adonis and Harry, they had a hard time with the jûdô guys.

Nagato sensei was following the densho, as it is now the way he teaches, and I really liked it. The Dakentaijutsu of the Shinden Fudô is really fun when done by him.

Kaname: the ura gata is the official set of henka of the ryû. It is teaching how to do the basic form reverse

Then after a short bite we went to Noguchi Dai Shihan class. We did a lot of the Takagi Yôshin ryû shime waza. His taijutsu is still fun to train and the shime waza were not that painful. Anjaan my partner from the Dubai dôjô might not agree though.

Kaname: shime refers to choking but also to applying pressure on Uke’s structure. Very interesting as always.

I’m happy to be there again. Even if there is no more daikomyôsai, the feeling remains the same. Next Sunday after class, some will have a Shidôshikai meeting. With the new honbu being near completion I guess he has a few things to tell us.

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