Flexibility Of Body & Mind

Sumotori are flexible why aren't you?

Flexibility of the mind is what gives us access to the power of our imagination and creativity.

As we all know the direct links existing between body & mind, some of us might find it easier to become first flexible in their body and then move up to the mind.

Flexibility is a natural state of mind and an ability acquired by the body. Training the body towards flexibility will help you get the same benefits with your brain.

Remember that nagare doesn’t think…

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  1. Ian Evans says:

    I totally agree, man is the only animal that dosn’t stretch by nature, we have got so used to sitting down at work in the car and to “relax” in the evening that we are in danger of losing our natural flexibility, if you get the chance check on how flexible babies are, then ask yourself what went wrong


  2. Alexander Dürlich says:

    you’re so right 😉


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  4. Kim says:

    Excellent !
    Just one thing : unfortunately everybody is not born with de same potential.
    Technicaly you can see this forum where the physical limit is explain. It’s in french but the pictures show it perfectly : http://www.gymnet.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=97500#97500
    So if you’re not doing the big split don’t go further to much … it can occure big injuries.


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