Shingin Budô? No! Shining Budô!

Shingin Budô? No Shining Budô!

We had a 1-day seminar in Bonn last Saturday and we studied the “nagare” or how to put flow into the 1, 2, 3 techniques. It was fun and demanding but I really appreciated this day of training. Firstly because students came not only from Germany, but also from Belgium, Spain*, and India**.

So even though the theme of the year is about “Shingin Budô”, I lived that day as Shining Budô, with the good feeling with which we trained during the 6-hour training day.

Thank you all to have joined us! And I hope to see you again for our next seminar at the Kurage Dôjô in Munich on March 15th-16th***

(a special thank you goes also to the “viking” who suffered (see picture) more than any other participant)

*Ralf is a student of Juan Manuel Serrano but lives near Strasbourg.
** Arjun is a student of Shiva but lives in Berlin for a few months.
***kurage seminar

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