Thank You All

ImageHello everyone,

This blog began in February 2008 and over the night we reached the 311000 visitors!

Some stats:

65 months of activity, nearly 300 weeks

Over 200 articles

Around 1000 vivitors per week

About 150 visits per hour

Around 1500 visitors per article

Thank you for your support!

Author: kumablog

I share here on a regular basis my thoughts about the Bujinkan martial arts, training in Japan and all over the world, and

2 thoughts on “Thank You All”

  1. Thank you Arnaud
    You have a wonderful ability to write to the core of things, this year I pass 25 years as a Blackbelt in Bujinkan and 20 years as a shidoshi, reading your blogs has again and again confirmed my deeper feelings of the art we are pursuing as a life long study, as kagirinai no gaku jutsu, striving to get to a point where we only work from mushin mukô, with no preconceptions but exists only here and now.
    I applaud you, as one of many who enjoy your work here, and encurage you to keep it up, it is beautiful to study the art, and through reading your words getting the feeling that there must be something to what one does in everyday training, hence your writings confirm ones own feelings, and alongside that allso brings good new angles to old wiews and thereby strengthens them and lifts it all to a new level. Or helps remove doubts and dissolve some old errors.

    Thank you yet again, domo arigatou gozaimasu.
    René S. Hvid


  2. Thank you, Arnaud. Thank you for sharing your inspiring thoughts, photos and instructions with the whole bujinkan-world. Thanks 🙂 Wish you a nice stay in japan. Ganbatte… , Thomas


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