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Note to the Budomart customers:

After the post on our new dvd products yesterday we have received so many orders that I am not sure to be able to supply the dvds immediately. Some delay might occur.

Some precisions concerning these new sets:

The Bujinkan Kyû Program (BKP) represents 19 dvds in 9 boxes, one per kyû. Each Kyû follows the grading requirements based upon the three volumes of the memento. The whole set of the BKP  covers the whole ten chi jin ryaku no maki and the basics of Tantô, Kunai, Shotô, Hanbô, Jo, Biken, Bô, Yari, Naginata.

The Buki Waza Basics for Tantô, Kunai, Shotô, Hanbô, Jo, Biken, Bô, Yari, Naginata represent 8 dvds in 3 boxes. Please note that the weapon footage is the same in the BKP and in the Buki set. The only difference is that the Buki includes the kaeshi waza (counter-techniques) and not the kyû from the BKP.

All products are available but I didn’t expect such a reaction. Therefore I must inform you that the first sets are reserved in priority for the sales at the Paris Taikai this week-end. Bur as I am in Paris tomorrow I will re-order all the dvds so that you will get them with only a few days of delay.

Thank you for your understanding.



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