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Note to the Budomart customers:

After the post on our new dvd products yesterday we have received so many orders that I am not sure to be able to supply the dvds immediately. Some delay might occur.

Some precisions concerning these new sets:

The Bujinkan Kyû Program (BKP) represents 19 dvds in 9 boxes, one per kyû. Each Kyû follows the grading requirements based upon the three volumes of the memento. The whole set of the BKP  covers the whole ten chi jin ryaku no maki and the basics of Tantô, Kunai, Shotô, Hanbô, Jo, Biken, Bô, Yari, Naginata.

The Buki Waza Basics for Tantô, Kunai, Shotô, Hanbô, Jo, Biken, Bô, Yari, Naginata represent 8 dvds in 3 boxes. Please note that the weapon footage is the same in the BKP and in the Buki set. The only difference is that the Buki includes the kaeshi waza (counter-techniques) and not the kyû from the BKP.

All products are available but I didn’t expect such a reaction. Therefore I must inform you that the first sets are reserved in priority for the sales at the Paris Taikai this week-end. Bur as I am in Paris tomorrow I will re-order all the dvds so that you will get them with only a few days of delay.

Thank you for your understanding.



Nagare: Sanshin to Mushin

As individuals our actions have very little chance to change the way the Universe is running because Nature does not take our human desires into account.  The meteorite that crashed in the Yucatan 65 millions years ago might have been obeying the laws of the Universe, the dinosaurs didn’t agree with it crushing them all!

As we cannot influence what is outside our Body&Mind (B&M) complex/entity, we must recenter our actions for the exclusive benefit of ourselves by flowing and drifting aimlessly within (or on top of) the outside world. The B&M has to learn to achieve “total coordination” in order to develop this natural ability to flow.

The 流れ(flow, nagare) is more than a movement it is above all an attitude in Life, and this is exactly what I have  been learning during the last 26 years with Hatsumi sensei. We train to suppress the thinking and analytical process in our actions. This is the secret of Hatsumi sensei’s budô.

In a real fight if you are (body + mind + intention + analysis) you are dead . Fighting is about reacting without intention 無想 (musô), and not about having a perfect body shape, a fantastic mind, and a lot of intentions!

Our first objective is to find this unity and  instead of being three (body, mind, and consciousness) to become ONE. This unity is possibly achieved by training thoroughly the fundamentals and the basics of the bujinkan.

Unity is  結束 (kessoku) but the first kanji is 結 (like in yûgen) from which we understand that from the ONE we can find the invisible nagare and become ZERO.

When the practitioner reaches this level of “oneness” he gain access to the “zero state” of 無心 (mushin) he can flow without intentions on the stream of Life.

And the proof is that  無心, mushin has also the meaning of “innocence”, like the innocence of a 3 year old kid (cf. sanshin no kata). leads to mushin.

“3” becomes “1” and “1” becomes “0”

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