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Do you know about our streaming platform www.koimartialart.com ?

Do you have a computer, a tablet, a smartphone, or all of the above? Then you can now watch any Bujinkan technique when you decide it.

All techniques of the Bujinkan, unarmed combat, Ryuha, weapons, advanced concepts are there for you to review. We have recorded over 2000 techniques which total to over 80 Go in size!

Koimartialart is not a distance learning course, which is why I called it “Bujinkan Online Library.” It is a tool of the 21st century that will help any practitioner to improve his general knowledge of the Bujinkan.

More posts in the future will be based on some of the videos displayed on koimartialart. It will help the “Koi community” to get the most out of it. For non-members, it will still be interesting to read.

Feel free to visit us NOW



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