Who Is The Boss?

IMG_20170723_121157It’s been a long time since I got angry. Today I am.

Hatsumi Sensei has announced a few modifications to the way we deal with the Honbu Dōjō. These changes concern the Dai Shihan in the first place, and their followers. They will the ones putting into place this new organisation. I have read a few comments criticising the number of newly promoted Dai Shihan.

Strangely, the critics come from those who don’t have the promotion yet. That is wrong! Whatever Sensei does, he has a reason for it. If you don’t know it, it is because you don’t see the big picture.

He also insisted that we DO NOT use the internet to communicate about it but to do it face to face. I wrote about it and still, I get personal messages on the internet from people asking to know more. What is wrong with them? Sensei said NO internet!

Next Sunday, there will be a Bujinkan gathering in Atago. We will celebrate the 50 years of the creation of the Bujinkan. Sensei might (or might not) explain his new vision at this occasion. Until then, be patient.

I see all that I described above as a lack of respect for Sensei’s decisions. The Bujinkan is not a democracy, it belongs to Hatsumi Sōke and follows the Japanese ways. Hatsumi Sensei is our leader. He is your boss, and his decisions you have to respect them, even if you do not understand them.

Hatsumi Sensei is the Bujinkan. If you don’t agree with how he deals with his Bujinkan, then shut up and leave. There is nothing to argue. His words define what the Bujinkan is, and how it evolves. No one should discuss his choices.

You can exchange in private, but questioning his authority is not the way to go. We have a boss, we have chosen him, and your rank is not an excuse to rant about his actions.

Please remember that, accept it, or leave the Bujinkan.
No one is forcing you to stay if you don’t like it.

Who is the Boss? Hatsumi Sōke.

Kashiwa November 28th, 2017
From an angry Polar Bear

Author: kumablog

I share here on a regular basis my thoughts about the Bujinkan martial arts, training in Japan and all over the world, and

9 thoughts on “Who Is The Boss?”

  1. POLAR BEAR…. PERFECTLY SAID!! Thanks for sharing your truth. I fully support what you have said and whatever Soke does.

    We should all just be so grateful for the amazing teachings and life journey that he has graciously provided. I wrote about this and the Dai Shihan talk just the other day.
    All the best,
    Richard Van Donk


  2. Hola Arnaud
    Muchas gracias y Felicitaciones por tu blog. Gracias que nos mantienes informados lo aprecio mucho.
    Tienes rason muchos no respetan el Systema o la filosfia del Soke.
    hay que ponerle un limite a los que non respetan.
    Saludos. Pietro (alumno de Pedro Fleitas) y ex alumno de Agustin Martinez


    1. My friend, maybe my English is not good enough. It is not that Sensei is forbidding the use of the internet. It is just that concerning the modifications that are going to occur next year, He expressly said that we should inform our friends only face to face and not use the internet for that. I hope that will clear your misunderstanding.
      Apart from that, if it was the “internet” that would be forbidden to use, then you are right, that would be hypocritical.


      1. Your English is first rate and I didn’t articulate myself at all clearly, Apologies. I got angry too.

        I feel the problem was by posting this over the internet it unintentionally gives fuel to the fire of the nonsense side of Bujinkan which is so mind blowing ridiculous it hurts to contemplate. I got PMs saying ‘oh look AJC is mad, whats happening?’ OMG people are doing what? No way!” it is enraging, but f$%k the clowns and f%&k validating their nonsense.

        The fact that it needs to be stated that Soke can do whatever the hell he wants is enraging and I’m sadden that people have to deal with this; be it yourself and especially Soke.This blog is one of the few where real insight gets offered and your online site is excellent. I’m just so angry that a couple days before Sokes birthday people behave in this way. He gives and he gives and this is how they repay this kindness?

        Apologies again for the outburst and hope you continue to have a great trip!


  3. Why though shouldn’t we ask questions or disagree with Hatsumi, and why should the consequence be to leave Bujinkan. I don’t get your point as it is very ideologicaly motivated and sounds very nonsensical to me.


    1. I see that in the same way it is in the army HQ. Ask questions, disagree if you want. But once the general has been decided, then obey (or quit). Arguing is useless and time consuming. 😁


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