Happy Birthday Blog!

2013-07-29 14.01.06

Dear followers,

I just received a message from WordPress, today is the 7th Anniversary of our blog!
Over the course of 2555 days, you have visited  the blog 439645 times! This is an average of 172 visits per day!
Throughout the period going from 2010 to 2014, we shared 338 posts with the Bujinkan community which gives a ratio of about 1300 visits per post. And you participated to the success of this blog with roughly 500 comments. Thank you!

Thank you for your unlimited support during all these years.

This blog was created for two reasons: 1) to force me to remember what I was learning on a regular basis in Japan; 2) to share Hatsumi Sensei’s vision of Budo with a maximum of Bujinkan members in our community. Both objectives have reached their goal. And many posts have been translated or simply copied on many Bujinkan websites. Versions in French, Italian, Rusian, German, Portuguese are available online.

Soon (it is a matter of a few weeks now), we are going to move to the next level as I am publishing these posts in their chronological order in an eBook format. I rewrote, adapted and corrected all articles. An annex has been added to give even more detail to what I explain in the texts and that needed clarification. After each chapter, some pictures taken during the same period in Japan or when giving seminars in the world make a nice break. The pictures are not artistic but represent the strength and diversity of our community.
The first volume of the “Bujinkan Chronicles” series will cover the period February 2008 – May 2010. It contains more than 50 chapters, I hope you will love it.
In a few months, I will also launch a new project called “Babel Project” where anyone in the community will be able to translate part of the eBooks in their language. I will explain it very soon.

Once again thank you for your support and spreading of Sensei’s vision in the world.

Funnily enough, this anniversary falls at the same date the new Honbu is opening in Japan.
From now on, your Honbu and your blog have the same Anniversary date!*

Did you check out my first eBook?


* Thank you, Jim for your comments

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