Soyez les bienvenus à Paris

I cannot believe that the Taikai will begin in only  9 days.
This will be another chance to meet with friends from all over Europe and to exchange with the shi tenno.

As I’m not a football fan,  I didn’t know that this world event could damage the Taikai. This year, I don’t think we will reach the 
100 practitioners.

This is not a good news for me, the organizer, but this is good news for you as it means that the groups will be smaller in size giving you a chance to get the best advice from each one of the shi tenno.

Also,  this year with four training halls (the dojo has been renewed) the classes will be easier to attend to.

Each day we will have private classes with each of the shi tenno and a joint class together.

Training will begin at  1000 and end up at 1730 and will consist of 4 private classes by level and one joint training. The four groups will be decided on day one as usual. 

Group 1 will regroup the high ranks, 
group 2 the black belts / Shidôshi, 
group 3 the advanced Kyû and shodan,  and
group 4, the beginners.

The Paris Taikai is the only seminar that I know where this splitting by technical level is done,  and this allows the teacher to adjust his level of teaching to every level. I’m sure that you will appreciate.

Sunday afternoon after training we will have a “party” in the dojo.

I’m eager to welcome you all in Paris for this  11th edition.
If you didn’t register yet please do it now at  AND don’t forget to fill in the form HERE we need it for making this event a success.


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One thought on “Soyez les bienvenus à Paris”

  1. We actually did same kind of splitting in ranks last year at the Danish Buyukai, and it had a profound effect on working with people, and then we allso had some common trainings with each Shihan instructor where everybody participated, which gave a broad perspective on the art for all levels of participants. So it is reccommendable, really worth working with.

    Keep up your good writing, there is a lot of good inspiration to get for us all.
    Thank you

    René S. Hvid


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