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Fukushima nuclear plant

As for many of you I have been watching extensively the frenzy around the nuclear problem in Japan. Journalists are speaking without knowing and they are “honestly” transforming the news (I think it is hopeless) to get more viewers. At the same time our politicians see here a good way to cash easy votes. Do not believe everything on the news, make you own inquiry. I do not want to minimize the nuclear accident that happened but the attitude of the media is just not correct.

For those interested and concerning the nuclear problem, I received this link today and I thought that it would help many to understand what is a nucelar plant and what has happened in Japan after the earthquake and the Tsunami:

As far as I know, the main problems that our Japanese friends are facing are the repeated earthquakes and the consequences of the Tsunami. Relatively (so far) the nuclear problem seems to me as not being so important. Thousands of people have died because of the tsunami and the country will have difficulties with food, gas, and elctricity.

I hope that all our friends there will get over these bad times and that Japan will recover fast from this nightmare.

Also I invite you to read Duncan’s last post with the possible interpretations of the theme of the year: kihon happô at it is excellent!

I am still going to Noda mid April (unless our politicians forbide it and/or the situation evolves in an unexpected dramatic manner).


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One thought on “Nuclear Info”

  1. Hello Arnaud,
    You live in a country which itself has many nuclear power plants. Our problem is, that we have a huge demand on energy, but face the economic problems: Water power is an impact to natural habits and beds of the rivers and lakes, wind power is very very unstable and has a huge space demand. Solar energy has a very low efficiency and needs a lot of space, and even here: Only sunny days do good, in dark nights if light is need, there will be nothing… oil, gas or carbon fired power plants based on these ressources and natural organisations blame those for their negative influence on our atmosphere, regarding carbondioxide exhaust…
    Nuclear power plants have the problem of waste, which is a problem for generations of humans, because being highly toxic…
    Many people now shout for the shut off of all nuclear power plants, world wide and more natural power sources, but these people can’t give answers, how to solve the energy demand worldwide, if we would not have impacts to atmosphere or nature…
    So what to do?
    No, I do not await answers, but I hope that the people start to think, even think on their own life and the thing happened in japan…


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