Uchū Sayū: Mastering The Space-time Continuum  


The concept of “Kannin Dokuson” (1), the Mutō Dori of 2017 involves the control of the centre of space.

Since Albert Einstein, we know that time and space are interconnected. They are like inyō. There is no duality, only a space-time unity.

Sayû, the well-known Bujinkan principle of “left-right”, also means “control”. Once again, it is similar to “inyō” (the Japanese “yinyang”). Therefore controlling the space is to manage the unified interaction of yinyang within time. (2)

Last November, Sensei said the Kaname was to control the centre of the space delimited by the two opponents. (3)

A few months later, I understand it better. Sensei was preparing us to get the simple complexity of “Kannin Dokuson”: “mutual respect, self-respect, respect of the attacker”.

The moment you control the space between, and around, the two opponents, you are capable of controlling Time itself. Therefore we can see Uchū Sayū (宇宙左右), the “control of space-time” (4), as Uchū Sayū (裏中左右), “to control the invisible centre of a situation”. (5)


1. 貫忍 独尊 Kannin Dokuson

Kan 貫/ 貴ぶ/tattobu/to value; to prize; to esteem; to respect

Nin 忍/nin/endurance; forbearance; patience; self-restraint

Dokuson 独り/Hitori/one person|alone; unmarried; solitary and

Son 尊ぶ/tattobu/to value; to prize; to esteem; to respect

2. 左右/sayū/left and right|influence; control; domination

3. 要/kaname/pivot|vital point; cornerstone; keystone

4. 宇宙/uchū/universe; cosmos; space

5. 裏中 U-chū

裏/u-/ura/bottom (or another side that is hidden from view); undersurface; opposite side; reverse side|rear; back; behind (the house)

中/chū/medium; average; middle|moderation.

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