koi members: New upload

koimartialart.info We have uploaded two dvds on biken jutsu for our Gold members on our sister website koimartialart dedicated to online streaming. Enjoy! You prefer to get the real DVDs? here     Budomart new URL www.budomart.eu

Paris taikai registration opened

Registration for the Paris taikai 2013 is open. Since 2002 the Bujinkan France invites you to share 3 days of training in Paris with the Shi Tennô: Pedro Fleitas, Sveneric Bogsater, Peter King, and Arnaud Cousergue in our three Dôjô located in the city of Vincennes. Each year around 150 Bujinkan participants gather there to…

Bô jutsu: Weapon of Consciousness

When in 1993 Hatsumi sensei began to teach the now famous “themes of the year” he decided to begin with the study of bô jutsu. It opened a five year cycle dedicated to the weaons of the bujinkan.Amongst all the weapons of the bujinkan the bô jutsu is the most complete of all with an…

Gyokko Ryû: The Origin of Budô

I recently finished the recording of the Gyokko ryû Kosshi jutsu and to prepare myself correctly I went through all the notes I took over the past years, the dvds by sensei, my own seminars and the articles I committed for the internet. The Kosshijutsu of Gyokko ryû (and other ryûha) have been studied in…

New Dvds Are Coming Soon

We finished the Yari Jutsu of the Kukishin Ryû and the taijutsu of the Gyokko ryû. The videos are being edited right now and will soon be availalbe on koimartialart and budomart. In the last year we have been quite productive: Ten Ryaku no Maki: short and extended version (4 dvds), Chi Ryaku no Maki:…

India Seminars

Namaste, I arrived yesterday in Bangalore to give two seminars. The monsoon is finished and the weather is cloudy but nice. This is a big change compared to my last trip here in June. Our Indian Buyu are improving and developing fast. They have received Darren recently and Robin will be visiting them next November….

Foundation (2)

After the last article on foundation of taijutsu I redesigned the budomart website accordingly. Please visit it and discover the new foundation series. 4 sets covering 612 techniques, 26 dvds, more than 22 hours of videos.

Jupi Summer Camp

The weather is getting smoother so we will not sweat as much as last year! There are still a few places left for the summer camp which begins on the 21st of August If you are interested read all about it at the JSC2010 website. Be happy!

Mistakes: The Path To Success

What everyone love about Jackie Chan’s movies are those last minutes at the end during the end credits of the film where we can watch the mistakes happening during the stunts sequences as if we were witnessing the shooting action. Good stunts require many takes and sometimes end up in accidents. Once edited in the…

Summer camp France

Based on the new discoveries here in Japan I have decided to modify lightly the initial progam of the JSC2010 and to include a few things seen here in Japan. Even though the seminar will mainly deal with tenchijin basics and tachi in the understanding of the nagare, we will also review the many interesting…