Kihon Is The True Alpha And Omega

The word Kihon (1) is a major companion of your daily practice. It is a word that is used in every class. Each  time you do the Kihon Happō, you use it. 

It is often translated as “basics”, but there is more to get it out it.


Japanese sounds can be an interesting way to dig deeper in your understanding of the martial arts. 

If you replace  the Kanji “Ki” 基 (foundation) by “Ki”  気 (essence) your 基本 becomes 本, or the “true essence” of movement. What is often seen as basics,  turns out to be something much bigger. The Omote is replaced by the Ura. Because through your basics are hidden the means to reach the true essence of natural body movement. 

But there is even more to get it out it.

I’ve just recorded the Sainō Tamashii Utsuwa (3), theme of 2009 with the Indian team (4). Sainō Tamashii Utsuwa was the seventh year of Juppō Sesshō. It is also called Sainō Konki. 

“Tamashii Utsuwa” is also “Konki”. And this “Ki” means “vessel”,  “container”. This is within this container that you can  express natural movements. (5) 

This three-step progression can be seen as a Juppō Sesshō no Sanshin,  where: 

Kihon / 基本: defines simple body mechanics. 

Kihon / 本: gets you into the true essence of the movement. 

Kihon / 器本: allows you to unify your body and your soul, within the basics. 

At this level, you don’t think anymore. Movements unfold in a natural manner. You are one with the universe. You are one and zero at the same time.

The circle is finally closed, you are the Alpha and the Omega. 


1. 基本/kihon/foundation; basis; standard

2. 気/ki/spirit; mind; heart|nature; disposition|motivation; intention|mood; feelings|atmosphere; essence

3. 才能/sainou/talent; ability;魂/tamashii/soul; spirit; 器/utsuwa/bowl; vessel; container|ability; capacity; calibre; caliber

4. Soon available in dvds and downloads at; and in streaming at 

5. 器/ki/device; instrument|vessel; container

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