Fuyû, Asobi: Suspension and Baseball

What I love about the classes with Senô sensei, is that I always learn new ways of doing what we do. Like all the students who’ve been here for 25 years, I’m quite aware of the forms. What I still need to learn is hiding in the details. Life is about learning, and his classes…

Ninpô Taijutsu Gen

Jack began sensei’s class with a mix of Katame Dori, ending in a sort of Omote Gyaku / Ganseki Oshi. Sensei used it to develop the concept of Kyomu, nothingness, which is at the core of Ninpô Taijutsu. (1) This Ninpô Taijutsu Gen (2) is a holistic fighting. The physical is reinforced by the spiritual….