New KOI Offer

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your enthusiasm concerning koimartialart.

Since December we improved a lot our website thanks to your feedbacks. Please continue to send them to us! Our success is your success and proves without any doubt that we were right to do launch this new adventure. Thank you for your unlimited support.

In August we have completely redesigned the user’s interface making it more user firendly.

We also changed our provider and the general outlook of KOI. The search mode is faster as well as the streaming. Check it by watching the new trailers now.

Many new titles are now online including all the basics on buki waza: tantô, kunai, shotô, hanbô, jo, biken, bô, yari, naginata. Did you ever dream of winning against the , the yari or the jo? Many of them are also demonstrated with the kaeshi waza (counter techniques).

We have also modified our different offers and you can now adapt your video hunger to the “basic”, the “silver koi” or the “gold koi“.

Please visit the new website and tell us what you think.

Visit it today and get ONE WEEK FREE of unlimited videos!

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