Freedom & Happiness

This is Daikomyo sai time again and I cherish this moment of the year more than any moment.

I arrived yesterday afternoon for another Daikomyo sai in Japan. After a fex hours I alrready met with Hugues, Cédric, Philippe, Indrek, Peter and Sheila. It is always a very nice moment and brings me a lot of happiness.

Being happy is what Hatsumi Sensei has been teaching us since the beginning but many bujinkan followers don’t get it and it is sad. Freedom and happiness is the core teaching of the bujinkan. As Epictetus said “those who are looking for power and money will fail, the only objective of human beings is to find freedom and to be happy”.

Everything in Life is changing, as it is said in the I ching, change is the only permanent thing on earth. But why is it that we are always looking for permanence when change is everywhere? Bujinkan followers often get lost on their search for power and money. Instead of focusing on the things we can influence, we often force things that are not in our power to serve our own selfish interests. By doing so we lose our freedom and become unhappy.

Epitectus said: “What bothers humans is not reality but the judgments we make on reality”. Then stop judging others try simply to be happy with them. We have to train only for ourself with no expectations and then freedom will be achieved and we will find happiness. Each time we replace personal actions by selfish desires we get lost. Our desires, our attachment (power, money) are enslaving us. Be what you are and stop trying to be someone you are not. Everything is created in our brain. This is not reality this is an illusion.

An Indian sage called Ashtavakra wrote:

It is true what they say:“You are what you think.” If you think you are bound you are bound. If you think you are free you are free.

Choose to be free and Happy. Being happy is a personal choice and nothing can give it to you if you don’t make this choice.

I really think that Hatsumi Sensei is a philosopher more than a martial art teacher. His martial art classes are only an excuse and a tool to help us get the proper attitude in Life that will make us happy.

This year of kihon happô was dedicated to the start of a new cycle. Decide now to be what you are, choose to be happy, walk the path of freedom.

So enjoy these magic days of Daikomyo sai and start anew in this new cycle by taking the good decisions and being open minded.

“You are pure Consciousness— the substance of the universe.
The universe exists within you. Don’t be small-minded” Ashtavakra

Be Happy!

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10 thoughts on “Freedom & Happiness”

  1. Como siempre mi buen amigo unas reflexiones excelentes y acertadas.
    Tus comunicados desde Japón son siempre enriquecedores y bien fundamentados. Gracias por compartirlos con nosotros.
    Lamento que este año no podremos entrenar juntos. Pero nos veremos en el 2.012, seguro.
    Un fuerte abrazo y seguiré leyéndote.
    Keep going!!


  2. Arnaud, this is one of the Best, you have posted! This is so spot on, and I say this often to my people…
    Too many people focus on the “fight” itself, instead of discovering what the teachings of our dear Sensei really does to us!

    Thank you. I am happy ! 😉


  3. In my opinion, this is one of the most important post you have ever written. I will save it for the days I feel lost walking on my own path.
    Many thanks Arnaud.
    Keep goin’
    Keep smilin’
    Keep bein’ happy


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